Urban Hollywood Entertainment (UHE TV) features CHOICES

Urban Hollywood Entertainment UHE TVCHOICES TV & Web Series is now featured on premiere online channel Urban Hollywood Entertainment. UHE TV is a multimedia network whose mission is to use a diversified platform to reach viewers from all walks of life. It is available on satellite TV via the DISH Network.


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CHOICES TV and web series is now listed in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2288614/

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CHOICES web series trailer

CHOICES, the new dramatic web series!! Online soap!! 17 characters. 8 dramas. 7 webisodes. CHOICES. Sometimes life will make you do things you never thought you would do. CHOICES. CHOICEStheSeries.com

CHOICES is a series of soap-style flash dramas with intertwined story lines. The series highlights top notch acting with writing and direction by filmmaker Olu Gittens. CHOICES shows characters from all walks of life who are somehow connected to each other…as we all are. CHOICES is about the options life puts before us and the decisions we make along the way. Life is a series of CHOICES.


Mark Ellmore as Gov. Gary Mitchell
Ellen Haynes as Margaret Mitchell
Tiffani Coleman as Carmen
Gabe Vargas as James
Adam Shuty as Paul
Debra Jans as Mary
Graham Powell as Peter
Ivy Livingston as Olivia
Elizabeth Powers as Jane
Erik McKay as Mike
Alexander Mulzac as Keith
Kristen Hung as Cathy
Danyel Fulton as Shanelle
Kianne Muschett as Shervonne
Elisa Pupko as Regan
Scott T. Miller as Chapman
Joshua Feinberg as Motulsky
Produced at the television studios of Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), New York City. http://www.choicestheseries.com http://www.ohgeeproductions.com

@BushwickBelle is now on Twitter

I am now on Twitter and my handle is @bushwickbelle. I’m Bushwick Belle for the neighborhood I grew up in, Bushwick, Brooklyn. Sandwiched between Bed-Stuy Do or Die and Ridgewood, Queens, it was, for me, the place of buildings low enough that you can always see the sky, elevated trains, the official language of Spanglish, African Americans / West Indians / Dominicans / Puerto Ricans all living together, Carvel ice cream, trained pigeons flying overhead in unison, me and my sis riding our bikes,  our house on Irving Ave, IS 383, Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys living down the block, RIP wall murals of people gone too soon, the 80s crack era, the people sticking together… I’ve been around the world and back but the neighborhood I grew up in is still my inspiration. @BUSHWICKBELLE. Holla!


Olufunmilayo Gittens will be tweeting about  film, television, and stuff beyond the screening room.