Production wraps on ‘Brothers on the Phone’

Corwin Moore
Comedian Corwin Moore

This weekend, we wrapped production on the short film Brothers on the Phone: What About Her? written and executive produced by comedy writer Corwin Moore (Saturday Night Live, Uptown Comedy Club) and directed by yours truly. Brothers on the Phone: What About Her? is the first in the Brothers on the Phone series, and it centers on two best friends, a likeable homeboy who is single and his best friend, a married guy with an “I don’t give a f*” approach to life. These two brothers on the phone talk about the single guy’s tough time finding Ms. Right, a new spin on the topic of finding The One, with flashbacks to his experiences with different women.

After meeting with Moore and finding out what he wanted to accomplish with the piece, I was excited to once again direct comedy. For those who’ve been following my work, you know that last year I directed the comedy thriller Trust No One.  As a director whose authored work is dramatic, I enjoy these opportunities to direct comedy. The two genres actually have some similarities when it comes to directing (more on that later). What’s best is the chance to make people laugh.


Brothers on the Phone: What About Her?  Executive Producer Corwin Moore. Producers Ty Powell and Nicole Sylvester. Directed by Olu Gittens. Starring Corwin Moore, Shanise Beck, Mia Anderson, Mieke Stapelton, Afiya Wilson and James Egbute.