Aaron Ingram, a champion of black independent film

22 Mar

From ActNow Foundation:

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Aaron Ingram, our Founder and Executive Director, our brother and dear friend.  He passed away after a long, tough battle with cancer. Please pray for his family during this bereavement and know that they and many loved ones were by his side during his final days and hours.

Though we use this time to grieve, remember Aaron for his love of people, his love of the arts, his achievements as an actor, as a director, as a visionary, and as founder of one of the leading black theater and film institutions in NYC. His legacy lives on through ActNow Foundation with the continuation of great programs like New Voices in Black Cinema, New Voices in Theater, and the program that started ActNow, the ANF Short Film Collective.”

* * *

Aaron Ingram (2nd from right) with Celia Peters, Bill Johnson and Olu Gittens

Aaron Ingram (2nd from right) with Celia Peters, Bill Johnson and Olu Gittens

Aaron Ingram was a dear colleague who worked tirelessly to highlight the work of black independent filmmakers. Aaron showed my film “Lucky” many times and helped it garner a strong following. Aaron stressed partnerships with local businesses, holding screenings at Brooklyn’s NY Perks for years.  When ActNow Foundation got their space at South Oxford, it was like a dream come true. With the new space, venues such as BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), and support from New York City Council Member Letitia James and others, ActNow Foundation has truly taken flight to showcase the works of black filmmakers. Serious, soft-soken, determined and kind, Aaron was a powerful force in the promotion of black film — a champion.

Aaron, you will be greatly missed!



One Response to “Aaron Ingram, a champion of black independent film”

  1. Aziz Bey March 27, 2012 at 7:42 am #

    LOVE AARON SO MUCH…. Still Can’t believe you’re gone. words cannot describe the grief i feel inside.

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