Olu Gittens talks film on WNYC-TV show “Brooklyn Savvy”

WNYC-TV show Brookyn Savvy dedicated an episode to my favorite topic: film. In “Advice for Emerging Filmmakers,” host Toni Yuill Williams talked with me, filmmaker Olu Gittens; Lisa Cortes, producer of the Oscar-winning movie Precious;  author Donna Walker Kuhne; BET senior vice president Depelsha McGruder and Sharon Simmons from The Brooklyn Chapter of The Links. The lively conversation centered around what filmmakers need to do to make their cinematic dreams come true. I even got to talk about Baby of the Family, Oh Gee Productions latest project in development.

Filmmaker Olu Gittens, Host Toni Yuill Williams, noted film producer Lisa Cortes

The episode was broadcast on the award-winning city-wide channel in all five boroughs and is available for on-demand viewing at http://www.nyc.gov/html/nycmg/nyctvod/html/home/brsa102.html.

Check it out! And “Like” it as a way of saying “keep this kind of programming coming!”

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Oh Gee Productions

Oh Gee Productions is the film production company behind writer-director-producer Olu Gittens. The mission of Oh Gee Productions is simple: to make film and television projects that reflect a diverse American experience. As a director, Olu Gittens works on projects through Oh Gee Productions and beyond. Her experience includes film, theater, television, webseries and commercials/branded content.

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