Olu Gittens Takes a ‘Chance’ on Comedy Stage Play

I am currently working as the Co-Director for TRUST NO ONE, the latest play by writer-director-producer Chance Anderson, who is also starring in the play. TRUST NO ONE is a comedy about two best friends, a gay man and straight woman, who fall for the same guy — a food delivery man with a shady past.

TRUST NO ONE, the stage comedy by Chance Anderson

As we all know from the Talented Tyler Perry, multi-talented directors can wear many hats in a production. As Assistant Director for TRUST NO ONE, my job on the project is to help the director achieve his vision; give feedback, directions and professional support at rehearsals, and help foster an environment where actors can connect and take risks.

The project has a strong cast, laugh-out-loud script with an intriguing plot, and a strong spirit of collaboration, all of which are making the work I do that much more enjoyable.

I am sure that TRUST NO ONE will win over audiences, and I am very excited to see TRUST NO ONE come to life.

Opening dates to be announced.




TRUST NO ONE promo piece

One thought on “Olu Gittens Takes a ‘Chance’ on Comedy Stage Play

  1. Sounds like quite an interesting play with a subject many can relate to these days! Best of luck on your production.

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