@BushwickBelle is now on Twitter

I am now on Twitter and my handle is @bushwickbelle. I’m Bushwick Belle for the neighborhood I grew up in, Bushwick, Brooklyn. Sandwiched between Bed-Stuy Do or Die and Ridgewood, Queens, it was, for me, the place of buildings low enough that you can always see the sky, elevated trains, the official language of Spanglish, African Americans / West Indians / Dominicans / Puerto Ricans all living together, Carvel ice cream, trained pigeons flying overhead in unison, me and my sis riding our bikes,  our house on Irving Ave, IS 383, Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys living down the block, RIP wall murals of people gone too soon, the 80s crack era, the people sticking together… I’ve been around the world and back but the neighborhood I grew up in is still my inspiration. @BUSHWICKBELLE. Holla!


Olufunmilayo Gittens will be tweeting about  film, television, and stuff beyond the screening room.

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Oh Gee Productions

Oh Gee Productions is the film production company behind writer-director-producer Olu Gittens. The mission of Oh Gee Productions is simple: to make film and television projects that reflect a diverse American experience. As a director, Olu Gittens works on projects through Oh Gee Productions and beyond. Her experience includes film, theater, television, webseries and commercials/branded content.

One thought on “@BushwickBelle is now on Twitter”

  1. Yes! inspiration comes from a time gone by which is is nestled in our hearts and deep consciousness truly allows us to recall the smells of ysterdays day memories. I too feel the same ….

    Thanks Olu for your thoughts …Regards to MOM

    Soy Negra Production

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