Adventures in Multi-Camera Televsion Part VI: CHOICES Webisode 3

The CHOICES series is budding well. This time, we have a new and very powerful episode.


Oh Gee Productions presents…CHOICES: A Soap-Style Web Series

CHOICES is a series of soap-style flash dramas with intertwined story lines. CHOICES highlights top notch actors with writing and direction by filmmaker Olu Gittens.

CHOICES Webisode 3 – What Happened in the Congo? Hot shot doctors Peter, Paul and Mary find out the hard way that there’s much more to life than their careers. We also get introduced to two sisters, Jane and Olivia, living the shadow of their parents’ home. A powerful webisode that’s not to be missed!

CHOICES was written, directed and produced by Olu Gittens and produced at Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN).