Children of God Opening at Quad Cinema

20 May

One of the most exciting experiences is the opening night of a new film. I was thrilled to attend the opening night of Children of God, as it began its one-week  run at Quad Cinema, the renowned indie film house  in New York City.

Filmmaker Olu Gittens (c) with Children of God's producer Trevite Willis (l) and writer-director Kareem Mortimer (r)

Written and directed by filmmaker Kareem Mortimer, Children of God was produced by Trevite Willis, along with producer Richard Lemay, executive producer Jay Gotleib and associate producer Nia Hatsopolous. The screening was presented by BET and Out magazine.

Children of God is a dramatic ensemble feature film about the lives of local residents in the tourist-friendly Bahamas: an art student trying to find his creative voice, a fiery preacher and his wife struggling in their marriage, an engaged mama’s boy falling in love on the down low.  All the stories are intertwined, and they all deal with sexual identity in a culture that is torn between its very religious, often homophobic views, the influences of tourism, and changing social values.

Children of God actress Margaret Laurena Kemp (l) and producer Trevite Willis (r)

The project has been a labor of love for those involved and it was great to see it come together so well.

Shout out to Trevite!


Children of God was acquired for distribution by TLA Releasing and is now available on home video.


Children of God film website

Quad Cinema   


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