BABY OF THE FAMILY Producer’s Talk

In the BABY OF THE FAMILY Producer’s Talk, Olu Gittens and Nicole Sylvester speak candidly about our work as filmmakers, inspiration to do BABY OF THE FAMILY is about and what’s next for the project.

 We also go in depth about what influenced us to become filmmakers, where African-Americans are in Hollywood right now, theater vs. film, ensemble vs. single protagonist stories, Spike Lee and Tyler Perry, our audience, distribution, why we need a good Thanksgiving movie, the characters and conflicts of BABY OF THE FAMILY, and how you can support this project.

Lots of good stuff — check it out!


Producer’s Talk @ VIMEO

Published by

Oh Gee Productions

Oh Gee Productions is the film production company behind writer-director-producer Olu Gittens. The mission of Oh Gee Productions is simple: to make film and television projects that reflect a diverse American experience. As a director, Olu Gittens works on projects through Oh Gee Productions and beyond. Her experience includes film, theater, television, webseries and commercials/branded content.

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