Adventures in Multi-Camera Televsion Part III: The Musician’s Mistress

For this piece, I worked with multiple actors in a multi-camera scene.  Adam Shuty and Ivy Livingston are very professional, very talented actors I had the pleasure of working with in Directors and Actors (DnA) workshops.  This was their first time performing together, and their first time doing multi-camera.

We rehearsed for about an hour a few days before the shoot, then did a tech rehearsal just before shooting.  I had a top-notch crew of public access producers who are committed to independent media and supporting each other’s work.

The tone of the scene is one of dark comedy.  The biggest challenge in directing it was in pulling out the tragic aspects of the story (after all, comedy is tragedy happening to someone else, as they say).  Other challenges included separating Olu The Writer from Olu The Director, and together with the actors, stepping away from our preconceived notions of what the scene was about.

Pictured, left to right: Technical Director Poet Minor, Actress Ivy Livingston, Actor Adam Shuty, Director/Producer Olu Gittens

My style of directing this scene can be described as theatrical meets daytime drama.  The shots were framed more intimately as the scene went on, reflecting the characters’ becoming closer to each other emotionally over the course of the scene.  I utilized dissolves at the end, a stylistic element you might find in band shoots but that worked nicely in this scene.

I added music in post production, one piano piece and two jazz pieces that showcased the type of double bass musicianship that inspired me to write the scene in the first place.

The intimacy between a musician and his/her instrument has often reminded me of two lovers.  What if that idea became real for someone? This scene is an attempt to answer that very question, and I think we did a very good job of it.



See the photos @ FLICKR

The Musician’s Mistress @ VIMEO

The Musician’s Mistress @ YOUTUBE

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