Adventures in Multi-Camera Directing Part II: Gabe Vargas Monologue

I had the pleasure of working with a terrific, up-and-coming young actor named Gabe Vargas. Gabe adapted a monologue from Tyler Parry’s film “Why Did I Get Married” for an acting class, then impressed the audience at the 2010 IFNY Monologue Slam by doing an impromptu performance of it.

Adapting the monologue to the multi-camera format, I worked with Gabe on adjusting his performance for the camera versus the stage. I set it in a black studio with blue highlights on the actor.

I switched between 3 floor cameras, two manned and one robotic, mixing straight cuts and dissolves. In post, I added the instrumental version of “Song Cry” by Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Overall, the piece worked very well.



Monologue by Gabe Vargas @ VIMEO

Monologue by Gabe Vargas @ YOUTUBE

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