Going for Access

Oh Gee Productions threw our hat in the ring and submitted our project BABY OF THE FAMILY to Tribeca All Acesss 2011.

The super-competitive program, part of the Tribeca Film Institute, provides filmmakers with the kind of access to industry professionals, information and support we need to make our films.  This year’s stakes are even higher, with grants of $10K added to the mix.

Support at the development stage is crucial for films, and Oh Gee Productions is certainly open to it — from TAA and other sources.

With 3 Emmy-winners on our production team, an amazing script, an impressive body of prior work, and a solid plan for getting BABY OF THE FAMILY made, our project made a good case.

We’ve put our best foot forward.  Fingers crossed!

Tribeca All Access

Published by

Oh Gee Productions

Oh Gee Productions is the film production company behind writer-director-producer Olu Gittens. The mission of Oh Gee Productions is simple: to make film and television projects that reflect a diverse American experience. As a director, Olu Gittens works on projects through Oh Gee Productions and beyond. Her experience includes film, theater, television, webseries and commercials/branded content.

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