Hangin’ with the Brothers from the Bottom

27 Aug

Had a terrific time at the Staged Reading of Brothers from the Bottom, Written and Directed by Jackie Alexander. Brothers from the Bottom is about how  the proposed gentrification of their post-Katrina New Orleans community  strains the bond between brothers, revealing unhealed childhood wounds.  Very powerful stuff. It was presented by The Standard in association with the Billie Holiday Theatre, where the full production will run beginning October 15, 2010.

For those who saw my film Lucky, Jackie Alexander was the Shell Game Hustler. It’s been great to see Jackie become a triple threat — actor, writer and director. Keep shining, Jackie!

And good luck to the cast — Nicoye Banks, Thaddeus Daniels, Joy Hopper, Warner Miller, Anja Lee, Neko Parham, Avan — as they prepare to go into the full production.  I’m looking forward to seeing Brothers from the Bottom in full form.



Jackie Alexander Productions

The Billie Holiday Theatre

The Standard


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