Oh Gee Productions at the NY Latino Int’l Film Festival

29 Jul

Olu Gittens @ NYILFF 2010 

 Oh Gee Productions was in effect at the New York International Latino Film Festival this year. There were dozens of amazing films this year. On 7/28/10, I checked out Spare Change directed by Suzette Azariah Gunn, co-produced by filmmaker Miles Maker and part of the NYILFF’s Cinedulce Showcase. It was a great film that showed what you can do with a small budget and big talent.     Nicole Sylvester @ NYILFF 

 It screened with When It Rains, a forceful short by Amir Adelar Minder, and was followed by fun after party at Greenhouse on Varick St, a cool spot with ivy on the walls, multicolor crystals on the ceilings, and people who love film and know how to have fun. Ah, the life of filmmakers on the go. 

Shout out to the NYILFF’s filmmakers + Exec Directors Calixto Chinchilla and Elizabeth Gardner!



New York International Latino Film Festival  



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