Sergei Franklin, Director of Photography

16 May

Sergei Franklin started photography at 14 and spent much of his teenage years taking pictures, reading books on photography and watching movies.
In the early 80’s he made a documentary on the New York subway which screened at several festivals and on a few European TV stations. He co-produced and shot “Solar cars,” a short documentary about a solar car race across Switzerland.

Sergei started working as a cameraman and video engineer for news and corporate productions. He was making a living but was unfulfilled. In the spring of 1990 he took a steadicam workshop with Garrett Brown and found his passion. He bought a steadicam and has been operating for features, music videos and commercials ever since. In 2005 Eve Sussman asked Sergei to be the Director of Photography for her feature “The Rape of the Sabine Women.” Some of the locations were the Herodion Theater at the Acropolis in Athens with 700 extras, a summer house designed by architect Nikos Valsamakis, the Pergamon Museum in Berlin and Tempelhof Airport. Sergei found his calling.

Working as a Director of Photography brings all his talents together. After the release of “The Rape of the Sabine Women” in 2007 Sergei started receiving calls for more cinematography work. In 2008 he lensed the TV show “We Are New York” for which he won an Emmy.

Some of Sergei’s other work as a Director of Photography includes music videos for 50 Cent and The Roots, numerous award winning short films, two more projects with Eve Sussman and second unit work on “The Reader” and “For Colored Girls.”


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