Filmmakers Air Their “Dirty Laundry”

I had the pleasure of appearing on Dirty Laundry, a television program produced and hosted by Nathalie Thandiwe, who is also the host of Pacifica Radio/WBAI’s show Women, Body and Soul.  Dirty Laundry is broadcast cooperation with Manhattan Neighborhood (MNN)’s External Affairs Department.

I was joined by fellow filmmaker Dominga Martin, writer/director of the short film Yellow. We talked about our past work, the challenges facing independent Black filmmakers, and our upcoming projects.  It was great appearing on the show, getting a chance to share with viewers my journey as a filmmaker.  I also got to talk about BABY OF THE FAMILY, the feature film that Oh Gee Productions is developing.

There is such a huge and eager audience out there for stories that show the beauty and complexity of African Americans, and yet the Hollywood machine doesn’t seem interested in connecting the work with the audience.  I suppose it’s up to us filmmakers and our supporters to get these stories out.

Wish us luck!



Nathalie Thandiwe, WBAI

Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Olu Gittens, Oh Gee Productions

Dominga Martin, A House of Ming Films

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