Baby of the Family: The Script Reading

1 Dec

We did a staged script reading of BABY OF THE FAMILY, the screenplay and-soon-to be film by writer-director Olu Gittens.

This reading was taped before a limited, select audience in the TV studios of Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN). The reading featured an array of talented actors from film, TV and theater, including Wendi Joy Franklin, Tiandra Gayle, J. Michael Kinsey, Mo Beasley, Alex Mulzac, Natalia Peguero, Lewis Thompson, Jessica Fontaine, Danyel Fulton, Madiona Caesar and more. The production crew was a team of media professionals committed to furthering public access television.


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    […] Burtons, starring actors Ryan Moore, Malkia Stampley and Alex Mulzac (who also performed in the script reading of BABY OF THE FAMILY) is a narrative short film about an infertile couple who approach a family member for help. The […]

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